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Born dead and revived, the son of an abusive father and a timid mother in a culturally challenged depression Ozark family, Buddy Ray Earl faced challenges with deficits, and confronted life with trepidation. Little did he realize what a rewarding adventure his life would be!

Written as a humorous Ozark folk tale, the story includes abuse and nervous breakdown, salvation and healing, understanding and forgiveness, calamity and serendipity, turmoil and peace, murder and kindness, and a lifetime of unusual adventure: Drowning at the swimming hole, raising kids, chickens and dogs, hurricanes and demolition derbies, marriage and divorce, touring the country in a rusty motor home, failure and achievement, and an internet love affair. The author provides frank and humorous glimpses of an often troubled and problematical but rewarding life much of it lived in the wrong place and time.

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What can a young, self-educated drug dealer do when the economy has collapsed, plagues and bullets kill his family, and climate change threatens to make man extinct?

Hitch a ride on a starship, become an expert on the 5-D continuum, find love and romance, new worlds, and strange new friends in the stars? Why not?

His Dad always said; “Never give up hope, Son, never give up. Unlikely things happen all the time. It might be your lucky day. Everyone has a lucky day sometime”.

We can always use a lucky day. Tomorrow might be ours.

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